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Being Catholic and voting for pro choice candidates do not mix

I felt deeply saddened seeing Clinton bumper stickers on cars at the Catholic Church I attend.  I also felt saddened to hear some catechism teachers are also voting for Clinton. How is this possible?  Where is the disconnect?

Yes, we do have Church and state, but when we're talking about 700,000 unborn babies being killed a year, abortion takes center stage.  I'm pro life because of biology and loving other human beings.  Jesus Himself has said, that He has loved each one of us before we were born.  Being Christian and Catholic centers around love and compassion.  Abortion isn't either of these things. A baby is killed and a woman is left injured and often in regret. Killing innocent lives is the opposite of love and therefore the opposite of God.

I am fully and painfully aware there are other issues in the country.  I know Trump isn't this wonderful, pleasant person.  I don't like him but voting goes beyond personal feelings. But I also know that Clinton supports abortion at any stage, any reason, any gender,any nationality.  Girls, disabled and black are the top three babies who are aborted.  That's a huge deal.

I felt super sad to hear religious teachers supporting pro choice candidates.  Nothing is more important than human life. To support a choice to kill a baby is wrong. According to bishops, voting for a pro choice candidate is a mortal sin. I know that children are abused, in foster care, needing adoption etc. I understand the world can be a cold place but we cannot judge who lives and dies. If a human being exists, they are loved and valued by God.. Their destiny isn't ours to mess with. People who have horrible childhoods can and do grow up to have wonderful lives.  People with disabilities grow to be talented, respectable adults. Choices shouldn't be for if a baby lives or dies.

 Choices should be about how can we love both women and babies. Clinton only leads to more death - infanticide, euthanasia, killing off disabled and elderly.  Trump may not be perfect but he does know and clearly stated that abortion kills a human being.  Clinton can't even acknowledge biological facts.

God is the only judge to who you vote for, but think about your own children and what values you're passing down. Think about the 700,000 babies dying each year. I know I don't want that on my conscious.  I am a practicing Catholic, therefore, I'd be a hypocrite to vote for anything else than pro life. 


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